Ready Candle - 115 Hours of Light
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Burn Time:115 HoursFuel Source:Liquid ParaffinSmokeless:YesOdorless:YesDimensions (LxWxH):3.75"x4.5"x3.75"

115 Hours of Light | High Utility | Great as a Gift

Off-the-Grid solution
Let's take it back to basics. No electricity required. Just light it up.Be prepared in a power outage
Perfect for power outages or any time when light needs to be shed cost-effectively and easily.Stays light for hours
Works well for safely lighting large areas, get a couple going and light even more square footage.High quality emergency candle
As always, this product is trusted quality from The Ready Store—it won’t let you down!Our 115 Hour READY Candle burns odorless & smokeless liquid paraffin—perfect for emergency use! Keep one in each of your emergency kits and in every room of the house for quick light in an emergency. The ReadyCandle is a great choice for emergency lighting.

The candle burns liquid paraffin and is virtually odorless and smokeless, which makes it a great choice for indoors. The plastic storage cap snaps on and off easily, so you don't have to worry about messy spills. The 115 Hour READY Candle also makes a great gift for neighbors, family and friends!


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Ready Candle - 115 Hours of Light

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