Eating for Energy - DVD, CD & Blood Type Test Kit

Think about many times do you eat, then feel like you need a nap!  Well, that's probably because you're eating the wrong foods for your body and blood type!

In "Eating for Energy", I go into the facts on food for you!  I know you might be saying, you don't know your blood type, well no worries, with each series you'll get your very own test kit so you can find out what blood type you are and in my teaching you'll learn how to eat for energy!  

I'll be covering the do's and don'ts of food, how to turn your food into fuel,  so you can lose weight naturally and keep your energy up with what goes in your mouth
so that you can do what you've been called to do by God!

The eating for energy series includes a DVD, CD and Blood Type Kit!   FREE Shipping...

Eating for Energy - DVD, CD & Blood Type Test Kit

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